Reiki is a Japanese technique for deep relaxation and energy balancing. A gentle energy healing technique that works on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. The word Reiki translates as universal energy.

In a session the practitioner connects himself with this energy of unconditional love from the universe, inviting that energy to move trough his system and to the receiving person. You can imagine that energy as pure light and love that comes to clear any imbalances and brings back harmony and ease into your whole being. Reiki is a system that promotes deep relaxation, balances our energy centres (chakras) and can promote healing on multiple levels.


As a Reiki Master I am seeing the body as an instrument and a compass that guides us through life, therefore I’m always looking for ways that allow us to listen deeper to ourselves and empower people to trust their intuition, expand and grow on their individual path. 


Thai Yoga Massage  & Thai Yoga and Chi Nei Tsang Massage

Thai Yoga massage is a fluid and gentle full body treatment that frees up vital energy in your body, increases mobility and brings your body into more balance.

Deep stretches, soothing acupressure and gentle rocking movements are applied carefully, to create deep relaxation and a profound sense of space.  

Thai Yoga and Chi Nei Tsang massage, is a great way to detox and bring you more into your centre and connection with your body. A fluid and gentle full body treatment that frees up your vital energy, increases mobility and brings you body into more balance. Muscles get softened and inner organs toned for a more vital digestion and improved blood flow. 

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